About Us

Siliconworx was launched in 2019, by 3 entrepreneurs who shared a passion for technology.

We are a highly focused company providing network infrastructure design, implementation and support to effectively meet client business needs.

We are distinguished from our competitors by our concentration on the delivery of unmatched levels of service and our dynamic team of highly experienced administrative and IT professionals who themselves are distinguished by their levels of motivation, dedication and, most importantly, their high level of skills. To support the technical team in the field and to ensure that our customers experience a seamless, holistic professional service, Siliconworx has developed a sophisticated internal infrastructure employing processes developed and refined through our experience and state of the art network management and monitoring software.

Our Vision

“To be a leading integrator of competitive and innovative business solutions through Information and Communications Technology (ICT)”

Our Mission

“We provide professional services aimed at delivering strategic business objectives, by aligning ICT services and infrastructure in accordance with industry best practices, to improve stability reliability and availability throughout the enterprise”

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